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Throttle pipe with noise reduction outlet for VAG 1.8-2.0 T(F)SIHF Series

– Aluminum 6061
– Perfect fit
– Pressure and temperature
– Enlarged diameter/no reductions for maximum air flow 



This aluminum pressure pipe from the intercooler to the throttle valve for all listed 1.8-2.0 TSI Euro4/5 models of the PQ35/1K underbody replaces the original hard plastic part.

The larger tube diameter of 63mm, in combination with the flow-optimized design, ensures increased air throughput.

The series part consists of a plastic tube. Under the influence of time, temperature and pressure, the material becomes brittle and cracks. The consequences are broken connections or burst pressure lines. Not only annoying because of the defect, but rather a great danger for the turbocharger and the engine.
These properties also make the product ideal for performance-enhanced vehicles.


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