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Stainless Works 2013-18 Ford Focus ST 3in Downpipe

Focus ST Downpipe Features:
‣ 3” Downpipe
‣ Catted or Off-Road leads
‣ Hangers & Flex-Joint
‣ Two-Bolt Flange & V-Band Flange



2013-18 Ford Focus ST 2.0L 304 SS 3″ Offroad Downpipe. Includes welded hangers and flex joint. This high quality downpipe is full 3″ diameter front to back. Features V-Band flange at the turbo and two-bolt flange at the catback factory connection point. Our SW Factory Connection attaches to OEM connection point or works seamlessly with Stainless Works catback for a full 3″ system.

Increased Power
Factory downpipes can be restrictive and hold back the true potential of your ride. Stainless Works’ systems unlock the power of your engine. Our free-flowing design reduces resistance, and will bring new found power that you can feel and hear.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Stainless Works headers and exhausts are designed to take the punishment of your motor, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on material and workmanship.

We want to make sure installation goes as smoothly as possible, that’s why Stainless Works systems come Install-Ready.

Whether clamps, O2 extensions, bolts or RTV silicone, our headers and exhausts come with all necessary accessories to make installation as smooth as possible.


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